Better Than A Poster: Rare, Unpublished Music Photos for Collectors

Remember those days when the walls of your bedroom were covered in posters of your favorite musicians? A lot of us probably took some along to our college dorm room, and later, onto a first apartment. They made a statement, brought us a little closer to the music — and they just looked cool. At this stage of the game, though, taping a poster up on your classy “Ecru”-colored living room wall may get you an eye roll from your spouse. But good news, music fans: we have a more elegant alternative: classic rock and jazz photo prints.  If you still yearn to show your love for everyone from Dizzy to Dylan, this collection of rare, unpublished music photos make a classy statement.

These one-of-a-kind, limited images have been unearthed by curator  Jeff Hochberg. You’ve likely never seen them anywhere before. (And here’s the backstory on how he discovered these treasures).

Beatles fan? How about this gorgeous shot of George while he was on the set of Help! You can also nab shots of the famous rooftop concert, as well as moments captured in the goofy, early days of the Fab Four.

Maybe your tastes run to Creedence, Neil Young, Bowie or Springsteen?  We’ve also got awesome prints of the Beach Boys and the Stones.

Tom Petty gets his props….

…and Roy Orbison

…and Dylan…

And if you’re a lover of jazz, everyone from Satchmo to Dizzy to Nina Simone is well-represented in this collection of rare images.

So if you need to freshen things up with the “grown-up” version of those super-cool posters you once loved, we’ve got you covered.

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