He Came, He Sang, He Left, He Returned: Whatever Happened to Paul Young?

Paul Young Courtesy of Getty Images

Paul Young Courtesy of Getty Images

Every holiday, I have to watch that Band-Aid video, “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” And I’m always reminded of what a killer singer Paul Young was/is. (He’s the dude who sings the main part, ‘case you forgot). Besides his Band-Aid gig, this Brit shared his fabulous blue-eyed soul on other 80s songs like “Come Back and Stay,” “Oh Girl” and “Every Time You Go Away.” Oh man…

And then…Paul Young just kinda stopped.

The reason? It was all getting to be way, waaay too much. He damaged his voice from relentless touring, so he took a big time out to heal his vocal cords and just… be. He got married and had three kids, but his crazy relationship with his model wife Stacey kept the British tabloids working overtime. She cheated on him, he welcomed her back, she cheated again and had her lover’s baby, they split. Oy. Quite the scene for a guy who hated the spotlight to begin with. [UPDATE – they’re back together. For now. No telling when she’ll pop off again….just sayin’]

These days, Paul still performs, albeit with a stripped-down Tex-Mex band called Los Pacaminos. He’s also planning to release a re-mastered version of his breakthrough 1983 album No Parlez and he occasionally appears on various ‘80s tours throughout Europe. But here’s something I betcha didn’t know: Turns out that Mr. Young is quite the cook. He’s appeared on a couple of celebrity cooking shows in the UK, written a cookbook and worked in the kitchen of swanky restaurant, just for fun.

Oh yeah, Paul also took a brief journey to the Tacky Side and competed on a celebrity diving challenge on British TV (um, what?). The bad news is… He lost. The good news? Ladies, Paul Young still has that incredible voice, he can cook the house down… and he looks pretty damn fiiiiine.

Cindy Grogan

Photo Credit: Paul Young by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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6 comments on “He Came, He Sang, He Left, He Returned: Whatever Happened to Paul Young?

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  3. Ed Gallagher

    Thank you. The 80’s were my 2nd 60’s and this was a great voice of that era…

  4. Bob Conklin

    I saw Paul Young at The Greek in the summer of 85?? Great show, great music. But Young, is really a “dancer who sings “rather than a singer who dances “.!the guy was amazing. He nailed every song, but his dancing was over the top.

  5. Top Gato

    Sadly, Paul’s voice is shot now. He does the revival 80s tours but the current state of his singing is not good. You can find plenty of YouTube clips to this. It’s sad ’cause this is his ‘bread & butter’ but it is not a nice listening experience anymore.

  6. Tim Lowe

    We saw him at the Anvil last week (May ‘22) – I was so disappointed to hear his voice – I’m an amateur singer and I reckon I could have done a better job – a real shame as Paul was a real soul icon 😢

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