Our 10 Most Popular Posts of 2015

Fireworks spark

We know it’s a bit odd for a blog that’s been publishing for barely two months to do a year-end roundup. As our Canadian friends say: “Sorry.” Happily, a bunch of our stuff has gotten real traction on the internets, so we thought you might want to know what’s popping. So here goes:

10. Take This Rembrandt.  Please!
Museums are starting to give away digital images of masterpieces, letting you “remix” them however you please. How cool is that?

9. A Brilliant Dancer’s Next Steps
The transcendent Marcelo Gomes has crossed over into choreography, with thrilling results.

8. A Guy Who Loves Cats? WTF?!?
Marc Maron’s PODCATS is a forum for the felines to clear the air, so to speak, about perceived micro-aggressions in their world.

7. Radio At Its Mesmerizing Best
Is there anything more deeply engaging than a great radio documentary? PRX just posted short selections of its Best of the Best 2015 award winners. Download the entire two hours for your next trip.

6. When a Beatle Wrote with Elvis
Nearly 30 years ago, Elvis Costello and Paul McCartney co-created a number of finely crafted songs, including Elvis’ biggest single in the U.S. and McCartney’s last top 40 hit. Could it happen again?

5. Don’t Like Country Music? Meet Kacey Musgraves
There’s really quite a lot of wonderfully-written, fabulously-produced country music to be found. Just not on the radio.

4. Mr. Sulu’s Next Mission
George Takei has boldly gone his own way in a remarkable career. His latest role takes on a dark chapter in US history.

3. That’s My Jam!
If you put Motown, Stax, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Beatles and The Who in a blender, you’d very likely end up with The Jam.  A recent documentary makes a strong case for the band’s place in rock history.

2. The Best Beer Ad Ever?
It’s Australian for hilarious, mate…

1. The Guys Were REALLY Behind the Music
Wanna see what’s behind a hit record? Or hundreds of them? Then check out these three definitive documentaries.

Thanks for getting us off to such a good start. We look forward to being a part of your 2016. When you see something cool, please drop a line. We SO want to hear from you. And if you like us, please tell your friends!

Happy New Year!

– CS Team

Photo Credit: Image of spark of fireworks courtesy of Pixabay.

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