Finally, a Stuntman Gets the Lead Role


Finally, a stuntman gets the lead role in an action-packed, tongue-in-cheek new spot from Europe’s Cheapflights travel engine, an adroit about-face on conventional ads about business travel. Here’s what Adweek’s David Giantasio had to say in his review:

Meet Jacob Tomuri, the star of this minute-long spot from agency Forever Beta. Actually, you’ve seen him before—in movies like Mad Max: Fury Road and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He’s got a gig in the upcoming The Revenant, too.

Still, you might not recognize his face.

As a seasoned stunt performer, he stands in for big-name actors like Tom Hardy, who kick back in their trailers … while Tomuri risks life and limb performing in high-voltage scenes.

In “Flying Stuntman,” however, Tomuri takes his turn in the spotlight. He even narrates in a gravely New Zealand accent befitting his macho profession.

“For my job,” he begins, “I fly everywhere.”

And then he does just that—leaping, tumbling and fighting his way through a series of cheeky, adrenalized action-film-style sequences with the explosions and the shattering glass and the diving off skyscrapers. All footage was created specifically for the commercial, and Tomuri helped devise the stunts.

Steve Harty

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