On the Tech Day of Xmas, My True Love Gave to Me…

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Take a look at your digital calendar. That’s right. You’ve got less than one week to find just the right gadget to gift to the technophile in your life. In fact, you’ve got less than five days. What are you going to buy? A new smartwatch? A fitness-tracker? A pair of spectacles that shoots video, too? Oh, please. You know they already have these things! So what are you going to do? You’ve already tried surfing the internet for hours. Well, chill. We here at CultureSonar are ready to help with three very cool gift ideas for the gadget geeks in your life.

1. Punkt. MP01 Mobile Phone
Is the gadget-lover in your life  a bit TOO connected? We hear you. Bombarded by constant notifications, updates, pings, and buzzes, this poor soul is primed for a digital detox but wouldn’t be caught dead with a prepaid flip phone. Enter the Punkt. simple phone, a communication device that does only two things: call and text. Period. Or as we say in German, Punkt. Beautifully designed byJasper Morrison, this self-proclaimed “dumb phone” fits comfortably in the hand and looks sleek enough to raise eyebrows at your next holiday gathering.

Why Buy: No distracting apps, beautiful design, good call quality

2. Google Pixel/Pixel HL Smartphone
If they’re not ready for techno-detox, then maybe you can give them a killer camera to document every meal and latte as well as hourly selfies. That’s where the Google Pixel/Pixel HL comes in. This formidable phone employing the latest Android 7.1 Nougat has, according to Google’s Product VP Brian Rakowski, “the best smartphone camera anyone has ever made.” And as if that weren’t enough, this multipurpose phone has also got unlimited storage for photos and videos, and an all-day battery. (I’ve tested this last part and it’s true.)

Why Buy: Fingerprint scanner, unlimited cloud storage, headphone jack, incredible cameras, impressive battery longevity

3. Anki Cozmo
Want to really think outside the proverbial box? Then consider gifting someone this adorable little robot, replete with an artificial intelligence that manifests as its personality is shaped by your shared interactions. New owners have likened Anki Cozmo to a personalized WALL-E in the Amazon reviews. Plus, you can always volunteer to take care of this mechanical pet whenever your friend goes on vacation. We’ve come along way since pet rocks, wouldn’t you say?

Why Buy: You “might” get to play with it!

Laura Rebecca

PS. For another alternative holiday gift list, check out our post A Holiday Guide for the 420 Friendly. And don’t forget you can find other cool stuff to buy for the holidays (or any occasion) at our store. It’s powered by Amazon, so you know you can trust it. Plus, shopping here helps support CultureSonar. Everybody wins!

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