Goodbye to “Hello Again”

Vintage Radio (Public Domain)

Vintage Radio (Public Domain)

Before today’s profusion of media, most of us woke up each morning to a favorite local radio station. Before they were “on-air personalities,” morning DJs introduced us groggy teens to each new day with our favorite music and just enough information to help us navigate our way to school. New York was a big enough market for three Top 40 stations to battle it out: WINS, WMCA and the eventual ratings winner, 77WABC where jocks like Scott Muni and Cousin Bruce Morrow reigned. But the king of WABC weekday mornings was Herb Oscar Anderson, a friendly-voiced throwback to the Big Band era, whose happy theme song “Hello Again” expressed his wish that “If your skies are grey, I hope they’re blue…”

HOA, as he was known, died this week at the age of 88. Click here to read his obit and a watch a clip below of “Hello Again” that’ll sweep away in a wave of nostalgia anyone growing up around New York in the 1960s before FM radio entered the scene.

Who did you wake up to in your high school years?

Steve Harty

Photo Credit: Vintage radio image, public domain (Courtesy of Pixabay)

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  1. ITunes doesn’t seem to have HOA’s “Hello Again” in its catalogue. Do you know any site from which I can download it?

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