Born to Be Wild – Again

mercedes super bowl commercial

mercedes super bowl commercial

Is there a tune that gets the heart beating faster than Steppenwolf‘s iconic “Born to Be Wild?” To promote its high-powered new AMG model, Mercedes-Benz amps up the tune and leans furiously into its biker imagery. Directed by the Coen brothers, this spot takes an unexpected U-turn in its final frames, interrupting biker mayhem in a dive bar, when the leather-clad biker gang is blocked in by a parked car. Spoiler alert: the Mercedes’ driver isn’t someone the bikers want to mess with. Visually, this spot (to be premiered on Sunday’s Super Bowl) is classic Coen brothers: rich, evocative and making brilliant use of detail.

And who doesn’t enjoy a little good-humored biker gang bust-up? It’s well worth watching a few times to fully enjoy the story, setting and (intentional over-)acting. And when isn’t a good time to turn up the volume for Steppenwolf?

Steve Harty

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