Indie Music. Indie Film. Indie Food?

With gift-giving season now officially upon us, we all want to avoid adding another “thing” to people’s lives just because it’s the thing to do. is a wonderful option. They curate all sorts of food, snacks, condiments and booze. All are from small-batch, labor-of-love producers. Some you’ve probably heard of like Rancho Gordo beans. Others will be a total surprise, like the delicious pickles from Lemon Bird Preserves. All the producers have bios so you can learn about the people who make the food you’re ordering. You can put together your own gift selection, or choose from something already curated for you. Or just order those super-duper maple bacon lollipops…just because.

Maple. Bacon. Lollipops.

The six word reviews for the products will make you chuckle and want to write your own.

In these days of too much stuff and not enough time, Mouth lets us get closer to the people who make real food. Lots of us don’t live near farmers markets or small local artisans. This is a way to support indie food and those who are passionate about it. So check out Mouth. You’ll be glad you did.

Happy eating!

– Cathy Cattabiani

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