Parliament’s “Medicaid Fraud Dogg” Is The Cure for Your Ills


They call this “the biggest pill.” The first Parliament album in 39 years delivers maximum strength Funk in perfect timed-release fashion.  On the last Parliament album, Tromnipulation, Sir Nose D’Voidoffunk took over the Funk Mob with new revelations contained in the “New Doo Review.” Almost two decades later, the new Parliament album, Medicaid Fraud Dogg, tackles the current complex U.S. healthcare system.  It’s an examination of this frustrating issue as only Parliament can do; the only “side effects” are…satisfaction.  Boasting all-star contributions by Junie Morrison, Scarface from the Geto Boys, Bone Cooper, and James Brown alumni Alfred “Pee Wee” Ellis and Fred Wesley, Medicaid Fraud Dogg boasts 24 lean tracks of various medicinal healing powers. This abridged review spotlights seven stand-out tracks specifically designed to cure whatever ails you.

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A grinding Blues showcase powered by Kandy Apple Red, consisting of Patavian Norman and Tonysha Nelson (the good Dr. always tries to keep the thang in the family), with guitarist extraordinaire Blackbyrd McKnight and keyboardist Danny Bedrosian taking that same thang to even broader horizons. To be absorbed as needed.


No P-Funk project would be complete without an ode to “Nurse Mary Jane”, the green leafy plant now going under the code name “Backwoods.” Leading the charge on this track is 3rd generation Parliament-Funkadelic rap slinger TraZae Clinton, with the good Dr. Funkenstein assisting on lead. Inhale twice a day. Munchies may occur.

“I’M GON MAKE U SICK O’ME” (featuring Scarface)

The lead single from this album features Dr. Funkenstein, P-Funk/Bootsy’s Rubber Band vocalist Bone Cooper and Scarface from the Geto Boys. The good Doctor testifies what the sickness and the antidote can do to not-so-innocent bystanders, accompanied by the screaming horny torsos of the P-Funk Horns (Greg Thomas and Bennie Cowan).


In this throwback to classic 1970’s era Parliament, TraZae takes nonsense-rap to galactic heights, assisted by Brandi Scott (aka Nakid87), the good Doctor, and the late P-Funk/Rubber Band’s Robert P-Nut Johnson. Drink twice a day.


A delicate balance of retribution and karma, vocally empowered by George Clinton, Bone Cooper, P-Nut Johnson, and TraZae, with attention-grabbing horn arrangements by Fred Wesley. Take this pill twice a day to address erratic-diva overdrive.


A slow-grinding jump back to the psychedelic vibe of the first Funkadelic album, this track pays tribute to the Mali-based ethnic group known as the “Dogons,” while pondering their apparent disappearance over time. Due to their relationship with extraterrestrials, they’re a natural topic of interest for Dr. Funkenstein and his clones. Vocals are handled by the good Doctor, Brandi Scott, and former Slave member Steve Arrington.


Closing the album is a live performance of the medley featured in the last Funkadelic album Shake The Gate. Livewired power designed to increase swagability. Consider yourself completely cured of your ills.


-Tim Kinley

-Photo courtesy of the author

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Tim Kinley is a longtime disciple of the Mothership Connection and spends way too much time copping duplicate copies of Parliament-Funkadelic albums. Documentaries, CD compilations and other Funky projects also distract him from paying utility bills, which results in his cell phone bill not being paid on time.

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  1. Oh happy day! May the funk be with you.

  2. Mike "Clip" Payne

    ‘The Emperor has no Clones’

    The Next Real Funk / Stay Tuned

  3. Very focused and coherent offering from The Dr. I could have sworn Kool Aid was an old Bernie track from the can but all the music is brand new. Really captured the Parliament sound on that one. Another one I can’t seem to get enough of right now is Kendra Foster’s “Higher”.

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