“Radio Dinner”: Cool Stories From NPR

Vintage Flipper Radio from Pixabay

I listen to a lot of public radio, mostly while walking up and down the Hudson River in NYC—my way of making a workout seem fun. “Radio Dinner” is a compilation of the stories that I find particularly satisfying. NPR News programs spend most of their time delving into the news—as they should. But main course for me is the feature stories that are not news, the ones that make me laugh, move me or are just really interesting. I’m fan of science so a lot of what I pick are science-y or about how things work. Don’t look for a rhyme or reason here…there is none. Just stuff that I like and you might too. Mostly these aired recently on public radio, but some are from the archive.

This week’s playlist: I love space and my son has wanted to be an astronaut since second grade, when he invited his class to go into space on the rocket he was building in his basement. This precipitated a bit of a credibility crisis in the class because half did not believe him and half signed up to go. I was happy he had a passion but I wasn’t sure he was destined to be a scientist or a cult leader… turned out to be scientist. Here’s an astronaut’s view of space walking that just makes me want to go.

For stories that touch, teach, and make you think, tune in to public radio.

• Speaking of growing pains, here’s a wonderful interview with Veronica Roth, author of Divergent, on the difficulties of love and growing up: Wisdom From YA Authors On Leaving Home

• I don’t know why, but I’m fascinated by hidden infrastructure. And what could be more fascinating than sewage treatment? So here’s a mini documentary about Beantown’s famous sewage treatment facility on an island in the harbor: The High Human Cost of Cleaning Up Boston Harbor

• Apparently one of the most challenging questions of science is how to keep your coffee in your cup without spillage. Here’s the latest development: The Claw Grip

• Do you know what the first million-sale record was? “Chattanooga Choo Choo.” 75 years ago. The story is as goofy as the song: Glen Miller Hit Marks Its 75th Anniversary

• Who doesn’t like another roadside attraction so if you happen to be in Seale, Alabama…:Museum of Wonder

• Don’t know how to introduce this one. Just listen. It will make you feel good: Through Organ Donation, a Heart Lives

Oh, and I forgot. It will likely make you cry. Never underestimate people. Their stories of love and goodness can change your life. More stories to come.

Tim Braine

Photo credit: Public domain radio from Pixabay.

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