Ronda Rousey: Far from Perfect

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Eight months ago, Ronda Rousey seemed perfect. The first breakout woman UFC fighter. Huge favorite in a much-touted title contest with Holly Holm. Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. And much-traveled curiosity on the late-night talk show circuit. And then – crushingly and unexpectedly – she lost. The bout drew huge audiences and gasps of surprise. Suddenly, the perfect one was publicly imperfect.

Reebok seized the opportunity. What’s perfection? Is it important? What are its drawbacks? In this provocatively shot TV spot, Rousey strips herself of bodily ‘perfection’ to stare straight into the face of imperfection, answering the hard questions about her loss with determined lines like “Perfect never gets to silence its critics” and “Perfect never gets truly tested.”

The spot, like its protagonist, taps into competition and courage at a higher level as Rousey swaps a low-cut evening dress for a pugilist’s bloodied hand wraps.

Steve Harty

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