Website of the Week: Movies My Friends Have Never Seen

This week, CultureSonar talked with Nick Nadel about his website Movies My Friends Have Never Seen, a podcast whose title says it all.

Q: How and when did your website come about?

A: MoviesMyFriendsHaveNeverSeen.com started as the website for my podcast, in October of 2014. I started the podcast as a way of getting my friends to watch classic movies that they’ve never seen for the first time. Since that time, I’ve published 45 episodes where comedians, writers, and folks from all walks of life have watched movies like The Goonies, The Empire Strikes Back, Independence Day, and many more for the first time.

Q: What’s been the most popular content on the site so far?

A: The Jurassic Park episode has 750 downloads and counting. I guess people were really surprised my guest had never seen it!

Q: If you could share one piece of content from the site as an introduction to a new visitor, what might it be?

A: The Jurassic Park, Rocky, and Predator episodes are all good places to start. But every episode is different, because my guests bring interesting things to their first viewing of classic films. Try them all!

Q: What’s coming up on the site of particular interest?

A: Upcoming movies guests will be watching for the first time include Clerks, The Way We Were, and Chinatown. You can subscribe to Movies My Friends Have Never Seen on iTunes to have new episodes delivered right to you when they’re released. Also check us out on Libsyn and Stitcher.

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