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Ballerina shoes

A Ballerina’s Big Gamble

One of the great ballerinas of our time is (sort of) coming out of retirement for one special dance. Alessandra Ferri is also proving age is just a number.

Sergei Polunin Courtesy of Getty Images

Tattoos and Toe Shoes? Hmm…

Tattoos and dancers seem at once counter-intuitive (“Swan Lake” and a tramp stamp? Quelle horreur!) and logical (Dancers turn their bodies into art, so…).

Pointe Shoes (public domain)

The Life and Death of a Pointe Shoe

For dancers, pointe shoes are a tool, a source of frustration and pain, a symbol of the impossible quest for perfection. And they have an iconology all their own.

flesh and bone

Ballet Meets “Breaking Bad”

The behind-the-scenes world of ballet is rich with possibility: the physical discipline, the moving up the ranks, and the anxiety-ridden backstage scenes.