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Wine & Vinyl: The Carson McKee Interview

The other half of The Other Favorites, talks music, wine and eighth-grade talent shows. And why working with Anthony Hopkins’ 2012 album requires Chianti…and fava beans.

Josh Turner in "Wine & Vinyl"

Wine & Vinyl: All Episodes

Wonder what beverage pairs best with a particular album? Well, musician Josh Turner has a wine palette as fine as his musical chops — as you will see in the CultureSonar web series “Wine & Vinyl.”


The Right Wine for … Steely Dan’s “Gaucho”

“The Cuervo Gold/The fine Columbian/Make tonight a wonderful thing.” Have lyrics ever evoked a time and place more perfectly? While the Cuervo and Columbian are natural pairings from Steely Dan’s “Gaucho,” we’d like to suggest yet another in this episode of “Wine & Vinyl.”