The Right Wine for … Steely Dan’s “Gaucho”

“The Cuervo Gold…
The fine Columbian…
Make tonight a wonderful thing.”

Have lyrics ever evoked a time and place more perfectly? Can’t you just see yourself enjoying a Pacific sunset while sipping the era’s finest tequila through your thick 70’s mustache (while rocking your crocheted vest)?

While the Cuervo and Columbian are natural pairings from Steely Dan’s Gaucho, we’d like to suggest yet another.

We’ve asked our favorite Renaissance Man, Josh Turner, and his musical partner, Carson McKee, to dive into this classic album and find the perfect wine to pair with it.

So prepare to chill with this latest episode of Wine & Vinyl.

While we’re at it, you might want to check out the first two (though not nearly as fancy) episodes.

PS. If you don’t know Josh, you owe yourself a visit to his YouTube channel.

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