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the move

Before E.L.O. There Was The Move

Over a short period, Jeff Lynne, Bev Bevans, and Roy Wood helped forge what would eventually become Electric Light Orchestra. Revisit their roots via the trippy ’60s band, The Move.

strings in rock

Strike Up The Band: Strings in Rock

Many songs by the Beatles, Elton John, and the Moody Blues would’ve been much different without the deft hand of a skilled arranger. Even the Ramones utilized some strings. But exactly when did “strings” become a “thing” in rock?


The 10 Best ELO Songs You May Have Never Heard

ELO married rock to classical, and created seriously innovative music. You may remember hits like “Telephone Line” but you should also check out lesser-known tracks like “Sweet Is the Night” and “Mister Kingdom” to get the full picture.