This Day in Rock History — in Under a Minute

Which top-selling band announced its breakup on this date? Which Rolling Store celebrated a birthday? Why did fans barricade the Cavern Club?

Every day has some music history. And it’s fun, as always, to dig in a little a make a list.

Our hyper-productive pal, Scott Freiman (creator of the Deconstructing the Beatles film series), is curating short videos that examine each day’s musical events.

When you have 40 seconds to spare, please take a look at today’s edition:

You can see them all here.

This is an experiment. If you like these clips, we’ll keep going. Do please let us know what you think.

-CS Team

Photo: spaztacular, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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9 comments on “This Day in Rock History — in Under a Minute

  1. Mark Hudson

    An exercise in speed reading! Maybe give yourself a minute and slow down a little. 🙂

  2. Les Fender

    Like the vid, but I concur with what Mark says above.

  3. Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate it.

  4. Joseph McGonagle

    I also concur with the previous comments.

  5. Brad Tritone

    Not enjoyable at this speed. No time to digest the words, and… they’re gone! I’m
    guessing they need to be twice as long.

  6. I like it but I agree with the above comments.

  7. Not only does each slide go by too fast, but if you click on “You can see them all here.” to see others, they are presented in portrait mode instead of landscape and the #hashtags at the bottom obscure the text!

    But I love the idea! 😉

  8. Yes – too fast and the graphics aren’t helping… ditch the box or enlarge it and beef up the font. That will help with readability as well.

  9. Thanks, everyone. We appreciate the feedback; and have made many changes along your lines…

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