Wes Anderson’s Wild Christmas Ride

Wes Anderson

Best known for films as bizarre as they are award-grabbing, Wes Anderson works his magic this year in a new ad for the Swedish fashion brand H&M. This imaginative short film, “Come Together,” unspools the story of train passengers traveling for Christmas. Snowy weather and a 13-hour delay threaten to spoil their holiday, but the crew jumps in to create a festive surprise.

This is vintage Anderson, director of faves like The Darjeeling Limited, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Rushmore and Fantastic Mr. Fox. Its highly saturated colors, architecturally stylized train and off-the-wall premise, when combined with Adrien Brody’s dryly and slyly played Conductor all add up to the kind of visual treat Grand Budapest Hotel delivered so well. “Come Together” is a bright, delightful holiday confection well worth a few minutes of your time.

Stephen Harty

Photo Credit: Public domain image of Wes Anderson

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