What Is It About That “Ringo” Dude…?

We’ve got some cool stuff up on our YouTube channel, which we hope you’ll check out.

In case you missed it, our viewers looooove this video on why Ringo is so awesome! It’s one of our most popular posts, so enjoy.

-The CS Team

Photo: Ringo Starr (Getty)


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4 comments on “What Is It About That “Ringo” Dude…?

  1. Oh, stop it. When I was a kid, I could play his drum solo at the end of Abbey Road with my feet. Anyone who says this silliness should be required to demand Ringo play “Tom Sawyer” or even “Ants Marching” by Carter Buford. He was a nice man and a DIY drummer with modest skills. No insult to Ringo but he wasn’t special, he was lucky.

    • Kenny Patterson

      Maybe you should look up Neal Peart’s and Carter BEAUFORD’s thoughts about Ringo’s playing. ….. you’re obviously not a musician (and if by some accident you’re pretending to be one, you should be embarrassed).

  2. I’ll grant you a small ok.
    But after 13 studio albums, it’s not luck anymore.
    His creativity was/is among the finest of any rock drummer.
    Sense of time, impeccable.
    Knowing when NOT to play a fill, and when to create something memorable.
    It’s not luck.

  3. Tim Rogers

    Lennon and McCartney were so picky there had to be something about Ringo’s playing that impressed them.

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