Exercise Your Style at the Gym

Woman at Gym (courtesy of Pixabay)

When I write gym culture, you probably think the people and the attitude at the gym. Is this a place filled with meatheads and models? Is this a gym that caters to the rich, the skinny, the overweight, the hopeful, the hopeless? My sense of gym culture goes beyond that (in this case). For me, now that I have found and settled on my preferred workout, gym culture has become the style that you choose to express yourself as an athlete when working out.

Trust me, this idea is not uniquely my own. The major brands such as Lululemon, Under Armour and Nike all know this and are pouring dollars into the effort to offer high end fabrics and styles that help you look good and feel your best when you exercise and even when you don’t. There is now a crowded marketplace and lots of great options, but of course I am looking for culture, something that makes the $98+ price tag worth it in my book.

With procrastination as my guide, I stumbled upon Outdoor Voices, while scrolling through Instagram. Their brand message – “Doing Things” – is simple in an obvious way. However their design, their fabrics, their culture is far from basic. I also must admit I am a sucker for items that are made in small quantities and sell out. This article is not about how awesome they are (because they are amazing, just the right amount of compression and more than enough style) but rather how I feel just the right amount of different from my gym peers when I wear my OV. The effect is subtle, and I feel like gym culture should be quiet not brash.

Cool Show Banner 550pxLet’s face it, more and more of us are wearing our gym clothes outside the gym. Why not try to embrace this trend and pick up a little culture along the way. My Outdoor Voices have taken me from box jumps to Bloomingdale’s all in one morning. I celebrate their brand message, I too love ‘doing things’ in their clothes. For me, this small expression of style is my culture.

Brooke Nalle

Photo Credit: Image of woman at gym courtesy of Pixabay

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