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Just How Crazy Did It Get with The Good Rats?

Marty Scott is resurrecting a record label and reminiscing about The Good Rats.

Pole Position

The Race Is On: The Most Historic Video Games with Race Cars

The racing genre of video games has been incredibly popular since Atari’s glory days in the ’80s. And while there was nothing back then to rival the open world of Forza Horizon or the intricate simulators of Gran Turismo today, the old school games were nevertheless visually rich experiences

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Need a Virtual Touchdown, Dunk or Head-butt?

Video games have changed dramatically since the days of Tecmo Bowl, R.B.I. Baseball, and NBA Jam. Nowadays, gaming options range from complex simulators that make the early days of Wii look like Pong and pick-up-and-play games with built-in levels to rival Angry Birds or Candy

sean beeson

A Conversation With Sean Beeson: Video Game Composer

There’s something fitting that Sean Beeson has carved out a career in composing music for video games, given that he’s such a passionate gamer himself. Back in 2004 when he was just a sophomore in college, he put up over an hour of his own

sports video games

Beyond Pong: The Defining Video Games for Sports Fans

Sports video games have come a long way since 1958’s Tennis for Two which was something like a tennis match displayed on an oscilloscope. And who could forget Pong circa 1972?! At one point in time, namely the ‘80s and ‘90s, many video games were rooted in actual sports