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rhythm video games

The Rhythm Is Going to Get You…in a Video Game

Join a band in “Guitar Hero Live” or bust moves in “Just Dance 2017.”

racing video games

The 6 Greatest Racing Video Games Today

Gran Turismo and Mario Kart cause an adrenaline rush.


What Makes “Veep” So Damn Good? A Perfect Ensemble!

Tony Hale, Matt Walsh, and Anna Chlumsky go for broke in this award-winning political satire.

jem records

Just How Crazy Did It Get with The Good Rats?

Marty Scott is resurrecting a record label and reminiscing about The Good Rats.

Pole Position

The Race Is On: The Most Historic Video Games with Race Cars

The racing genre of video games has been incredibly popular since Atari’s glory days in the ’80s. And while there was nothing back then to rival the open world of Forza Horizon or the intricate simulators of Gran Turismo today, the old school games were nevertheless visually rich experiences