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Wendy and Lisa Getty

Wendy and Lisa Have Created Their Own Revolution

The names of these two musicians are always conspicuously absent from those Women in Music lists and that’s a damn disgrace.

Carmine Appice: A Classic Rock Classic

Carmine Appice has definitely been there and done that. For one thing, he’s probably the only drummer to have been considered as a replacement for both Keith Moon in The Who AND John Bonham in Led Zeppelin. Naturally, he has stories to tell. Listen to a few of them here…

sgt pepper box set

The New “Sgt. Pepper” Box Set Is Truly Super-Deluxe

It’s the 50th anniversary set fans have been waiting for – and it doesn’t disappoint.

dave dexter

Stop Knocking the American Releases of The Beatles, Already

The Capitol Records exec who tinkered with The Beatles albums gets a lot of heat. What did he do right? Well, a few things…


“Big Generator” Illustrates the Lasting Power of Yes

This 1987 album embraces the sonic and musical textures of the era without sacrificing the integrity of the band’s songwriting and performances.