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Bizaardvark: Reconnect with Your Inner Tween

Adults trapped in front of the Disney Channel with kids may actually enjoy “Bizaardvark” while also approving of its moral compass.

Sarah Silverman Really Does Love America

Sarah’s using her comedy to bridge some serious political divides.

NBC’s High Art Answer to MTV, Circa 1988

Taylor Dayne and Curtis Mayfield…Todd Rundgren and Taj Mahal….David Sanborn’s groundbreaking ’80s music series really mixed it up.

5 Beatle Bass Lines NOT Played by Paul McCartney

FYI: George Harrison and John Lennon knew their way around the bass, too.

Spike Lee’s Timely Revival of “She’s Gotta Have It”

The director gives his iconic 1985 debut a fresh twist, perfect for 2017.