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coney island baby

“Coney Island Baby”: Another Side of Lou Reed

This 1976 album showed the singer-songwriter in full pop mode, writing about love.


“Draw the Line”: Aerosmith’s Messy Success

This stellar piece of ’70s hard rock had each band member popping into the studio to add his own part.

Roger Waters Getty

Making a Personal Connection to Pink Floyd’s “The Final Cut”

“The Final Cut” may not rank at the top of many Pink Floyd fan lists, but It is an album whose narrative, if you manage to connect with it, will stay with you forever.

the kids are alright

“The Kids Are Alright”: Not Your Ordinary Rock Doc

This 1979 film was made by a seriously hardcore fan of The Who.


“Back to the Egg”: A Perfect Finale for Paul McCartney & Wings

A quirky album that doubles as a response to the rise of Punk and New Wave.