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Diana Ross and The Supremes

“Where Did Our Love Go” — The “Thriller” of the ’60s?

Before topping the US charts and establishing themselves as perhaps the definitive voice of Motown, The Supremes had their fair share of unsuccessful singles. The first four were taken from the group’s debut album. Next came 1963’s “A Breathtaking Guy,” a smooth composition penned and

maggot brain

“Maggot Brain,” Funkadelic’s All-Time Masterpiece

Listening to Funkadelic’s first two albums always gives me the feeling that something’s missing. That they aren’t quite there yet. It’s not that they’re bad by any means – in fact, both the R&B-inflicted grooves of the debut and the psych guitar freak-outs of Free

queens hot space

An Unjustly Forgotten Queen Album

Doing a 180 degrees artistic turn is never easy for a band. Embracing a new style always comes with the risk of alienating a part of the old fan base, even a big part if the departure is an abrupt one. Something like that happened

kendrick lamar untitled unmastered

“untitled unmastered.” Kendrick Lamar’s Adventure Continues

Fans struggled to understand exactly what Kendrick Lamar’s 2016 surprise release should be classified as. Is it an album? With its 34-minute running length and demo-like character of the recordings it definitely isn’t the proper follow-up to To Pimp a Butterfly. So is it a