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Pulp’s “This Is Hardcore” Is a Difficult Masterpiece

This Britpop group dug deep (and went darker) for this 1998 project.

cameron crowe's singles

Cameron Crowe’s “Singles”: 25 Years Later

Cameron Crowe’s “Singles” made searching for love in Seattle’s “grunge” days heartwarming and hip.

lana del rey

Lana Del Rey: So Far, So Great

This “self-styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra,” made famous on YouTube, keeps proving her initial success was no fluke.

kanye west

Top 5 Kanye West Albums

From his debut “The College Dropout” to “Yeezus,” Kanye West repeatedly changed the direction of popular music.

station to station

“Station to Station” Was Yet Another Reinvention for David Bowie

This 1976 album connects Bowie’s plastic-soul era to the Berlin trilogy that would follow.