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“Random Access Memories” Was Daft Punk’s Solid Comeback

Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers helped these stars of electronic music find a new groove.

Lorde’s Even Better the Second Time Around

Four years on, “Melodrama” proves a satisfying follow-up to Lorde’s groundbreaking debut.

Why “Beatles for Sale” Has Gone Up In Value

It’s not hard to see why this LP is often regarded as the Fab Four’s weakest studio offering, when put next to A Hard Day’s Night and yet…

Pulp’s “This Is Hardcore” Is a Difficult Masterpiece

This Britpop group dug deep (and went darker) for this 1998 project.

cameron crowe's singles

Cameron Crowe’s “Singles”: 25 Years Later

Cameron Crowe’s “Singles” made searching for love in Seattle’s “grunge” days heartwarming and hip.