Month: April 2018


Nolatet Is Still Swinging on Their Second Album

“Downbeat” magazine called their debut “magic,” while “All About Jazz” described it as “intoxicating.” In our interview with Nolatet, we find that same creative spirit in full flower on their newest release, “No Revenge Necessary.”

derek smalls spinal tap

Spinal Tap’s Bassist Goes Solo… for Real

“Derek Smalls” (the genius Harry Shearer) knows that fine line between “clever and stupid” – and explores it in his new “Spinal Tap”- inspired solo album. Turns out, being an aging rock god makes for some great music.

crosby sills nash young

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: In Their Own Words

David Crosby and Neil Young have two memoirs each. So who hasn’t written one? Graham Nash or Stephen Stills? As to those who do tell all, drugs, ex-lovers, politics, and model trains all come into play.