Australia’s Brilliance in 360 Degrees


The astounding natural beauty of Australia is brought brilliantly to life in a new 360 degree ad from Expedia and agency 180LA. We’ve covered a number of television spots using new virtual reality technologies. Most require a VR viewer and fall slightly flat on a computer screen. This new film poses the question “How Far Would You Go?” to experience Australia’s unique wonders – and answers by taking you there: deep into the forests of the Dandenong Ranges, circling the high, jagged cliffs of Tasman National Park‘s Cape Huay and the underwater through depths of the Indian Ocean for a ‘you’re right there” experience of the famed Ningaloo Reef.

What makes this spot different is your ability to use your cursor to move the picture in both horizontal and vertical dimensions. At the reef, you can remain underwater and explore the local fauna – or burst completely through the surface into the brilliant Australian sky. Patient exploration is rewarded in the outback desert where surprising sources of the soundtrack can be located in the dark.

This spot is just plain fun – an opportunity to play with startling images and environments – and indicates Expedia’s interest in positioning itself as a trusted resource for adventure travelers.

Steve Harty

Photo Credit: Image of Australia courtesy of Pixabay.

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