Beatles/Monkees Supergroup to Headline 50th Woodstock Anniversary

April 1, 2019. In a surprise announcement, Ringo Starr confirmed rumors that Paul McCartney, along with surviving Monkees Micky Dolenz and Michael Nesmith, will join him for his headline set at the original Woodstock site’s 50th-anniversary celebration of the legendary 1969 festival. The supergroup, which Starr has dubbed the “BeatleMonkees,” will cap a day of performances by legendary bands, including the Doobie Brothers and the Edgar Winter Band.

The festival organizers had previously announced that Starr would be headlining the Friday, August 16 concert along with his current All-Starr Band, which features Steve Lukather, Colin Hay, Gregg Rolie.

According to Starr, he had originally invited McCartney to join him for a surprise encore. “When Peter Tork passed, I gave Micky a call to express my condolences,” said Starr. “It was during that call that we came up with the wild idea of having Micky and Mike join Paul and me at Woodstock. After all, all four of us missed the first one! Micky checked with Mike, and I asked Paul. We all thought it would be a blast, and so we’re doing it!”

Starr would give no further details about other band members or the set list for the performance. “We’re still working it out to tell you the truth,” he added. “I told Micky that I wanted to sing ‘The Porpoise Song,’ and Paul wants to offer his tribute to Davy and sing ‘Daydream Believer.’ Not sure what Beatles song Mike wants to sing, but I bet Micky can totally nail ‘Yellow Submarine.’”

A press release from the festival organizers confirmed the upcoming performance of the BeatleMonkees and added the incredible news that the foursome has also been writing new material together. The world’s first chance to hear the BeatleMonkees will come with the Record Day release of a double A-side single — “The Birds, The Beatles, and The Monkees” backed by “Peace, Love, Capricorn, and Jones.” Both songs will be credited to Dolenz-McCartney-Nesmith-Starr.

There is no word as to whether an official recording of the BeatleMonkees’ Woodstock performance will be officially released. However, Beatleologist Scott Freiman has already announced a “Deconstructing the BeatleMonkees” film to be released later this year.

Photo credit: Public domain image of Woodstock art


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15 comments on “Beatles/Monkees Supergroup to Headline 50th Woodstock Anniversary

  1. Elliott Deltona

    That is so awesome. Going to be awesome to see. They asked Jimi Hendrix if he wanted to play lead guitar if they do While My Guitar Gently Weeps, but I guess he’s unavailable to attend due to a prior commitment. Maybe they can get Stevie Ray Vaughan.

  2. April fools?

  3. Donna Kenyon

    At least spell Micky correctly.

  4. The only thing missing is a wool hat on the Woodstock dove, heehee. 🙂

  5. I think it’s only right that they invite Jagger too.

  6. I heard there was also going to be a performance by their opening band, Keeping Up With the Joneses, featuring Brian, Norah, Davy and Tom.

  7. Ivar Sandsmark

    Bonkees or Monkles would have been funnier.

  8. It’s really messed up to play with people’s emotions this way. Also, “The Porpoise Song” is outside Ringo’s vocal wheelhouse; he should sing either “What am I Doing Hangin’ Round?” or “Auntie Grizelda”. But Paul should definitely do “Daydream Believer”. That would be perfection.

  9. Don Kiefer

    I hear the Kinks will finally reunite for Woodstock 50

  10. Nick R S Johnson

    Such a shame that such a joining of two immensely popular groups could only be a joke. However, having said that, I can think of only one possible reason that these four men might consider such an idea, but I doubt that they would be willing now. Growing old, and having to endure the various fears that come with age can make it very difficult to continue, on a daily basis, to make that overriding effort, that resolve of genius, to change the world for the better with new music to not only inspire peace, but to bring about peace. How far do you think that they would have to reach out?

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