Can Virtual Reality Cure Your Phobias?

“Fear” is a four-letter word. And for some, it’s a very LOUD four-letter word.

Gustave Eiffel (who designed the Paris tower named for him) was afraid of heights (#irony). Napoleon and William Shakespeare had a fear of cats. Johnny Depp admits to a fear of clowns, while Keanu Reeves is afraid of the dark. Cher, Jennifer Aniston, and Whoopi Goldberg are just a few celebrities who get seriously nervous when they have to fly.

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Serious phobias affect about 10% of the population. Among the top 10 phobias are fear of heights, fear of spiders, fear of flying, fear of snakes, fear of thunder, and fear of anything having to do with needles.

Everyone has a fear of something – but when it negatively impacts your life, it can be a problem. Sometimes, in a really big way. Over the years, techniques including meditation and hypnosis have been used to manage “fear.” Now, technology is stepping into the mix via Virtual Reality.

Pro Tip: VR is no longer about those clunky gamer-glasses…in fact, your SmartPhone can play a role.


Our friends at Healing Quest TV shared some exciting developments in Virtual Reality technology that are helping effectively manage fears of all kinds.

So….what are you afraid of?


Photo: WikiCommons

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