Is There Another David Bowie Out There? Maybe.

David Bowie coverage

We’ve got some cool stuff up on our YouTube channel, which we hope you’ll check out.

But ICYMI, we did an interesting “thought experiment” on who might fill David Bowie’s shoes (it’s soooo not who you think). Have a look!

-The CS Team

Photo: public domain image of David Bowie

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4 comments on “Is There Another David Bowie Out There? Maybe.

  1. Karen Lynn

    There can never be a replacement, another thing unique artist or performer is out there.

  2. It was the Glass Spider Tour, not the Spiders From Mars tour.

  3. Interesting. I’m not a big Harry Styles fan but I thought he was trying (and succeeding) to do something different on Saturday Night Live. To all the Bowie doubters I say “Laughing Gnome.”

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