Our Music Podcast Starter Kit: 5 You Need to Listen To


Podcasts: they’re the digital, do-it-yourself radio shows of the download age. The world of podcasts is vast – if you’ve got an interest, you can bet your best pair of headphones that there’s a podcast that covers it. But if we’re talking about music-related pods, the pool of content to choose from is seemingly endless. While the idea of diving headfirst into Podcast Land might seem overwhelming at first, we’re here to deliver a crash course in music podcasts.

Song Exploder

Ever wanted an artist to spoon-feed you how exactly they came up with one of their hit songs? Well, look no further than Song Exploder. Founded by modern-day music and radio guru Hrishi Hirway, songwriters are invited to host their own episode and break down some of their most beloved songs, track-by-track. Song Exploder also puts a strong emphasis on the magic of isolated tracks. You’ll hear everything from backing vocals and synth licks, to that one scrappy acoustic guitar line that you never knew was chugging away behind the main beat. Artists that have been featured on Song Exploder so far include Lindsey Buckingham, Yo-Yo Ma, John Carpenter, Iggy Pop, and James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich of Metallica. If you’re looking for an introduction to the music podcast world, you’ve found home plate.

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All Songs Considered

Sometimes, looking for new music worth listening to is a daunting task. NPR’s All Songs Considered is the middle man that cuts through all the buzz and serves up the cream of the crop from today’s music industry. All Songs Considered always has something insightful and fresh to add to the ongoing modern music conversation. Keeping its finger on the pulse of what’s new and shiny, All Songs Considered delivers daily episodes that cover the best songs that new music has to offer, in-depth interviews with emerging artists, discussions around the ever-changing ways of the music industry, and much more. If you already keep up with what’s hot off the press music-wise, All Songs Considered will only further enrich and enlighten your ears.

Screw It: We’re Just Going To Talk About The Beatles

Every Beatles fan can agree with the sentiment of this podcast’s title. Screw It: We’re Just Going To Talk About The Beatles is straight-up Beatles shop talk. From revisiting niche Beatles films to discussing beloved Beatles albums in-depth, this podcast has something for every Beatles fan. Basically, if there’s a Beatles book, song, movie, or anything else that you adore from the Fab Four, this podcast has most likely covered it. While Screw It: We’re Just Going To Talk About The Beatles announced its final episode at the start of this year, the podcast is still available for fans to stream and enjoy. As always, Beatlemania is alive and well.

Turned Out A Punk

Punk rock isn’t dead – and neither is this beloved punk rock podcast. Turned Out A Punk pays homage to the genre by interviewing those whose lives were changed forever after discovering punk rock music. Damien Abraham, self-proclaimed “punk music obsessive” and lead singer of the early 2000s punk band Fucked Up has been chatting with heroes of the punk rock movement since 2014. Notable guests that have shared the mic with Abraham over the past six years include Linda Ramone, Milo Aukerman of The Descendents, Greg Attonito of The Bouncing Souls, and countless others. With over six million streams, Turned Out A Punk has united innumerable die-hard punk fans through its weekly discussions that center around just how impactful the genre was and still is.

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Rebel Hearts

Did somebody say girl power? Rebel Hearts shouts the sentiment, with weekly podcast episodes focusing on women in the music industry. It’s been on-air since 2017, celebrating the achievements of women who are making waves in the music world. Host Sam Mazza aims for the podcast to “educate, and talk about the sexism within our music scene and celebrate the women in it.” Rebel Hearts includes everything from hot takes and unpopular opinions on new music, to interviews with artists and candid reviews of newly released albums. If you’re looking for a music-focused podcast that’ll give you ample food for thought, take Rebel Hearts for a spin sometime.

-April Hanna

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