Who Is Tom Petty’s Successor Today?

tom petty

The loss of Tom Petty in 2017 still stings. Fortunately, we still have his incredible music. But beyond the hits, Petty left a mark on the music business with his strong-willed business decisions (always in favor of the fans), his refusal to succumb to the traditional “Southern rocker” image and more.

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Clearly, Tom Petty was an “influencer” on artists of the next generation. So who today most closely follows in his footsteps, in terms of attitude and artistry? In this edition of Back N Forth, writer/musician (and die-hard Petty fan) Allison Rapp makes the case for a contemporary artist she thinks makes the grade.

Have a look and weigh in. Also, we have more episodes on the way; let us know what “pairings” you’d like to see!

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1 comment on “Who Is Tom Petty’s Successor Today?


    When I saw the topic of Tom Petty’s current “analogue”, Jason Isbell immediately sprang to mind for all the reasons noted. I think they’re both great and difficult to pigeon-hole, which makes the case probably as well as anything.

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