Who Is Tom Petty’s Successor Today?

tom petty

The loss of Tom Petty in 2017 still stings. Fortunately, we still have his incredible music. But beyond the hits, Petty left a mark on the music business with his strong-willed business decisions (always in favor of the fans), his refusal to succumb to the traditional “Southern rocker” image and more.

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Clearly, Tom Petty was an “influencer” on artists of the next generation. So who today most closely follows in his footsteps, in terms of attitude and artistry? In this edition of Back N Forth, writer/musician (and die-hard Petty fan) Allison Rapp makes the case for a contemporary artist she thinks makes the grade.

Have a look and weigh in. Also, we have more episodes on the way; let us know what “pairings” you’d like to see!

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5 comments on “Who Is Tom Petty’s Successor Today?


    When I saw the topic of Tom Petty’s current “analogue”, Jason Isbell immediately sprang to mind for all the reasons noted. I think they’re both great and difficult to pigeon-hole, which makes the case probably as well as anything.

  2. Over the years I managed to see Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers 41 times all across the U.S. Around the time of his death I heard a song called Pretty Little Lie which reminded me of a song TP could have written. So I went to see Blackberry Smoke the next time they came to my town. They were awesome! I’ve seen them 6 times now but unlike Tom, they have been limited to a 250 mile radius (so far!).

  3. W.Keith Sharp

    Jack would love to hear about some of your Petty highlights. I saw him from 1981-2017. But not even close to how many shows you saw.
    Keith Sharp
    Austin Tx

    • Jack Loyd

      Hey, Keith! Or W!

      The shows I saw only started in 1995. I would be more than willing to trade a few of them for just one of your earlier shows. I guess my favorites would be 2 shows in a row at Vic Theater in Chicago (general admission, front row, day camped on sidewalk). Fonda Theater was great in Hollywood. Northeast shows are probably the most memorable…Boston, Connecticut, Saratoga Springs and New Jersey. I’ve had great seats for all of them. First or second row at least a dozen times and very good seats the rest. I’m not quite an old man now but most of those shows were in the prime of my life with a great woman at my side. My highlights would probably be Little Rock where he messed up the words to Even The Losers and had to start all over and Mudcrutch in Denver. Never got to see him at Redrocks in Colorado. Since my last comment I have gone to Orlando Florida to see Blackberry Smoke. I highly recommend them! I live just outside of Tulsa, OK.

  4. Me! Dan Israel (Google me and my music)

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