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Why use a self-help book when you can simply use a self-help website? But which website, you ask? Well, the team over at Rewire Me has a deep pool of contributors well-versed in “the wisdom of the mind and body” from Bianca Alexander (host of Conscious Living) to Michele Rosenthal (author of Your Life After Trauma). CultureSonar talked with Rose Caiola, the mastermind behind this “online community of people seeking ways to a better life” about how it started, where it’s going and what totally cracked her up along the way.

Q: How and when did Rewire Me come to be?

A: As it turns out, I had been preparing for the launch of this website for a long time. Many of the life lessons I now share on Rewire Me were developed out of my growing personal awareness over the past three decades. Years ago, I developed an interest in meditation and other activities that could help me sharpen my focus on getting things done and to keep stress under control. As I was managing skyscrapers in Manhattan, I was also looking well beyond the horizon of that cityscape to help me stay relaxed and focused as I tried to keep all those balls in the air. I investigated Eastern philosophy. I attended workshops with wellness gurus. I mastered several types of yoga and healing practices. My explorations ran the gamut from ancient health wisdom to cutting-edge neuroscience.

I’m not a person who keeps secrets, so I discussed whatever pearls of wisdom I learned on my path of discovery with any real estate co-worker willing to listen. Little did I know that what I shared during work breaks in conference rooms and over morning coffee would eventually find a much larger audience. My knowledge base eventually reached a flashpoint; I had the foundation I needed to break ground on Rewire Me. My dream became reality and the site officially launched in April 2013.

Q: What’s been the most popular content on the website so far?

A: Overall, our readers have responded very well to the relationship content on Rewire Me. Our most popular articles are “5 Signs It’s Love, Not Lust” and “How to Let Go of Someone You Love.” The wellness category also resonates very well with the Rewire Me audience. One of my pieces, “The Power of Meditation,” is also a reader favorite.

Q: If you could share one piece of content from Rewire Me as an intro, what might that be?

A: For new visitors, I recommend reading, “Happiness Demystified,” which you can find in my Happiness Toolkit.  This is a good intro to the site because happiness is essentially what everyone is searching for—many of our readers come to the site seeking answers to questions in love, health, and wellness with the hopes of finding happiness. I think the most important first step to personal transformation is understanding what happiness actually means.

Q: What’s coming up on Rewire Me of particular interest?

A: I am thrilled to say I will be hosting my first retreat in October. I have long dreamt about hosting a Rewire Me Retreat, an all-inclusive weekend retreat dedicated to helping you discover your true self. I am honored to be leading this retreat with my dear friend, astrologer Pamela Cucinell—and together, we will teach you how to integrate astrology and the four elements to change your life.

Q: What’s the funniest response you’ve got to Rewire Me?

A: The first thing that comes to mind is a contest we had when Rewire Me first launched—readers submitted their dating disaster stories and the funniest story won.  The winner was about a girl on a date with a guy who just came out of a relationship (which he was clearly not over) and he drank way too much—they were on a rooftop having a night cap and when she came back from the bathroom she found him slumped over in a chair passed out cold! I remember everyone in the office couldn’t stop laughing. The contest was a fun way for our audience to engage and bring the community together.

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