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3 leg torso

Talking to Two Legs of 3 Leg Torso

Our interview with Courtney Von Drehle and Bela Balogh looks at the 20-plus-year history of a small chamber orchestra that has been hailed by the likes of Steve Berlin of Los Lobos and Oscar-winning filmmaker Joan Gratz.

carson mckee

Wine & Vinyl: The Carson McKee Interview

The other half of The Other Favorites, talks music, wine and eighth-grade talent shows. And why working with Anthony Hopkins’ 2012 album requires Chianti…and fava beans.

Peter Raeburn

Film Composer Peter Raeburn’s Music Gets Under Your Skin

In this interview with the boundary-pushing British film composer (“Woodshock,” “Nancy”) he shares a few thoughts on how music should work in 21st-century film. And the critical reason you should stay for the last song that plays over the closing credits.