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detroit cobras

The Detroit Cobras: Retro Rock That Hits the Spot

Considering that Jack White’s label, Third Man Records, has reissued their early LPs (“Mink Rat or Rabbit” and “Life, Love and Leaving”), perhaps now is the moment to pay some attention again to the serious rockers who are the Detroit Cobras.


Redbeard Reflects on the End of an Era in Rock Radio

For 30+ years, radio personality Redbeard has gotten many rock legends to open up. As his popular show “In the Studio” wraps up at the end of 2018, he shares his thoughts on the current state of classic rock in this CultureSonar interview.

Elvis in the 70s

Elvis Presley in the 1970s: Pure Gold

Sure, Elvis set the rock n’ roll world afire in the ‘50s but his career was still kicking in the 1970s with covers of “You Don’t Need to Say You Love Me,” “I Really Don’t Want to Know,” and “I’ve Lost You.” Check out our full list of The King’s gold records from that decade.