Am I Too Old to…Wear Pigtails?

Pigtails - am I tool old to...

Pippi Longstocking. Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. The St. Pauli Girl. And now our pal Maddie Corman. What do they have in common? Pigtails. In this latest episode of “Am I Too Old to…,” Maddie Corman hits the streets to see if a 40-something mom of three can rock the pigtail look… or if it just reeks of “trying too hard.” (And here’s a clue: you’re not too old.) There are four other devilishly clever episodes of “Am I Too Old..?” and you can check out the entire web series here. We also have an interview with Maddie who admits she’s definitely too old to sleep in a youth hostel.

– CultureSonar Team

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1 comment on “Am I Too Old to…Wear Pigtails?

  1. OMG. you are TOO adorable and I’m pretty sure no one, M. or F. is ever too old!

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