Am I Too Old to… : All Episodes

Maddie Corman

In her never-ending quest to explore this web series titular question, Am I Too Old to… host Maddie Corman takes to the streets to explore what happens when she raids her kids’ closets and brings her fashion risks to the street. Are those ripped jeans cute on someone of a “certain age”? Should that sky blue beanie stay on her son’s head? Can anyone but a farmer pull off wearing a pair of overalls? Admittedly, this is not an existential dilemma, but these questions do get at larger issues — as you’ll see from the remarkably kind, candid responses in the episodes below.

Episode 1: Am I Too Old to Wear Ripped Jeans?

Episode 2: Am I Too Old to Rock a Beanie?

Episode 3: Am I Too Old to Get a Tattoo?

Episode 4: Am I Too Old to Wear Overalls?

Episode 5: Am I Too Old for Pigtails?

– CultureSonar Team

P.S. For more on the show’s intrepid host, check out this interview we did with Maddie Corman in 2017.

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