There Will Never Be Another Joni Mitchell. Or Will There?

joni mitchell

From her innovative guitar tunings to her deeply insightful lyrics, Joni Mitchell is like no other artist. While she started out in the 60s “folk” scene, that particular corral didn’t hold her for long. Mitchell has been uniquely unafraid to follow her particular muse(s). She — quite literally — does not give a damn what anyone else thinks. That has kept her music real and true, and has kept her grounded against the usual studio pressures associated with being a Big Deal.

She had no problem stepping away from the usual “make-an-album-then-tour” treadmill: her 2007 album, Shine, was her first in nearly a decade. Mitchell admits that she had had no plans to make any more music; she was content painting, gardening, and spending time with her grandson. But one morning at her piano, the ideas began to flow.

Joni Mitchell’s place in music history is assured. Is there anyone that can carry her unique torch forward, as she continues her recovery from a 2015 brain aneurysm?

Host Allison Rapp has some thoughts on that. Have a look, then weigh in.

-The CS Team

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2 comments on “There Will Never Be Another Joni Mitchell. Or Will There?

  1. William L. Gibsin

    No there won’t ever be another like Joni because she is one of a kind. An artist who evolved with the best music around in the 50’s, 60’s and, 70’s. Where a lot of music was just being developed. Every once in a while we hear a some what comparison that never comes close. Joni developed a style of her own. From the the heart that grew from the roots of life. Her sound is one of a kind. Her kind. In my opinion, no one has even come close to sounding like Joni or has the kind of talent she has. Therefore, there will never be another Joni because, we don’t need one….Joni has given us what we needed and, it will always live on. Talent like Jonis’ never dies… All we can do is cover her, in honor…..

  2. Thomas Harmand

    No, Joni is a unique and brilliant artist who has marched to her own beat and no one elses. She has crossed so many musical bounderies and captured feelings and emotions as very few artists can. No, there will never be another Joni Mitchell.

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