U2’s The Edge: How Does He Get That Sound?

When U2 first started out, they called themselves “Feedback,” a little joke about their (very, at the time) limited musical abilities. Since those early days, they’ve become one of the most successful bands in rock. Pollstar just ranked them as the biggest touring band of the last decade, bringing in over $1 billion (with a “B”).

The Edge has earned his own acclaim, as he’s often considered one of the world’s great guitarists.

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At nine, he found his first instrument at a flea market, a beaten-up acoustic. He’s since developed a textural style that’s instantly recognizable. His philosophy is one of minimalism; he’s said that he considers musical notes as “expensive,” thus plays as few as possible.

So what is it about The Edge’s way of playing that makes U2’s music such a standout? CultureSonar tapped professional musician Vinnie DeMasi to break down that hypnotic sound in this handy video.

-The CS Team

Photo of the Edge: Wikimedia Commons

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6 comments on “U2’s The Edge: How Does He Get That Sound?

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    John Smistad

    Vinnie you are remarkable. Your guitar analysis and playing is endlessly fascinating. Thanks for always kicking up the day’s joy factor. :]

  2. Avatar

    Simple: Echoplex.

  3. Avatar
    Wendy Goodrich

    Stunning…mesmerizing to watch! It is fascinating to see ‘behind the scenes’ of that iconic sound that makes U2 and Edge such paramount musicians! Vinnie, you break it down so us mortals can understand the beauty and power of such fabulous music! Thank You !

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