A Virtual Escape

Man with VR Headset (Public Domain)

Virtual Reality cameras are just beginning to realize their full potential. That potential is beautifully and lovingly realized in four new pieces created by Weiden & Kennedy for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society: two introductory spots and two stunning VR films. MS in its most disruptive form makes its victims captive of wheelchairs. W&K asked the brilliant question “How could VR restore a sense of movement and completeness to people formerly defined by their physicality?” The answer: powerful virtual reality films that once again offer to a former dancer and surfer the experiences that defined them. Let’s begin with the latter, the born-to-surf Steve Bettis, diagnosed with MS in 2006. Here is his story:

Now watch the VR experience created by a caring younger colleague – no software or viewer needed:

The spot about professional dancer and choreographer Amy Meisner, who was diagnosed with MS in 1997, is equally heartwarming. The shot of Meisner, in a wheelchair, gracefully dancing with her arms and inspired by the VR film is incredibly moving. Watch:

And here is that dazzling VR film:

This project is yet another example of how VR is expanding creative boundaries well beyond the “wow” factor of adventure and thrills to tell beautiful human stories.

Steve Harty

Photo Credit: Man with VR Headset (Public domain image courtesy of Pixabay)

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