Who Could Possibly Fill David Bowie’s Shoes?

David Bowie

Editor’s Note: This post, and YouTube series, from a while back is worth revisiting. Every artist is a link in a chain of influences, and it’s fun to image who might be next in a particular strand. This is one of our favorite musings, in part because it’s kinda surprising…

Rock history has rightfully deemed David Bowie a complete original. Upon creating “Ziggy Stardust,” he could’ve likely coasted on that persona for a long while. But he didn’t. The music world didn’t know it at the time, but this was just one phase — musical, style-wise and every other-wise –that David Bowie would go through during his long career.

His fans have made Bowie’s multiple “reinventions” the subject of endless scrutiny and speculation. It’s pretty much a cottage industry.

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However, Allison Rapp has an idea of someone who just might be taking what Bowie did and adapting it (we won’t tell who).

Have a look at our latest episode of Back n Forth, then weigh in.

-The CS Team

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2 comments on “Who Could Possibly Fill David Bowie’s Shoes?

  1. Charles Caracciolo

    Love it ❤️

  2. NJ Filey

    Harry Styles was my guess before I even watched the video! ❤️

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