Wine & Vinyl: All Episodes

Josh Turner in "Wine & Vinyl"

We’ve noticed that folks who are into music generally enjoy life’s other pleasures, too, including food and drink. So we thought it would be fun to combine those two pursuits and see what comes of it as a web series. We enlisted one of our favorite polymaths — musician Josh Turner — whose palette is as fine as his chops, to join us in this experiment. If you don’t know Josh, you owe yourself a visit to his YouTube channel: Josh Turner Guitar. But we digress. Let’s get onto the CultureSonar’s Wine & Vinyl. (Some episodes also feature Josh’s musical partner Carson McKee.)

Episode 1: Pink Floyd and Bordeaux

Episode 2: Getz/Gilberto and Brut Champagne

Episode 3: Steely Dan and California Pinot Noir



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6 comments on “Wine & Vinyl: All Episodes

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  2. Avatar

    really fun, makes me want a nice glass of ????

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  4. Avatar

    Very tasty, respectful listen to Gaucho, thanks a bunch for refreshment and fine insights

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    yes to everything said about these wonderful records and the wine pairings. So musical, so entertaining. Amused, I thought I knew, but this is smart and valuable to me. Thanks!

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    Intelligent and thoughtful in both wine and music. Excellent idea and well-presented. Please continue to do these!

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