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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Can We Talk About Dylan’s Voice?

What is it about Bob Dylan? He defies every expectation of a pop star, and yet packs houses endlessly at the age of 74. His shows are epically frustrating, even to fans; which Bob Dylan are we seeing tonight – the shamanic conjurer who brings

What’s “Freedom” for Our Kids?

Advertising is at its most daring when its ambition is greatest. Sometimes you have to reach far away from convention to make an abstract idea come to life. We’re accustomed to this with “ambition” brands like Nike and Gatorade. But it’s a real surprise –

The True Impact of Spotify

If you’re a music lover, read on. I’m always on the hunt for new music and I continue to explore the world of online music. I was an early user of Pandora and have found lots of new musicians that I wouldn’t have heard since

The Shatner Album That Is Actually Really Good

An album by William Shatner? You mean Captain Kirk? T.J. Hooker? The Priceline guy? Yes. That William Shatner. You may remember Shatner’s overly dramatic spoken word readings of classics like “Mr. Tambourine Man” from 1968’s The Transformed Man. George Clooney said that he would bring this

Did You Hear the One About the Vicar and the Detective?

Sundays are about to be rescued once again by PBS’s Masterpiece. Many of us have been dealing with Downton Abbey withdrawal since the series made its final bow on March 6, but the start of a second season of Grantchester should assist in the detox.