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the waitresses

The Waitresses Had a Wonderful Start

They had hits like “I Know What Boys Like” and “Christmas Wrapping.” So why weren’t they a bigger deal?

rock lobster

Not Quite Top 40 But Quite Important: The B-52s’ “Rock Lobster”

It may have peaked at number 56 on the charts, but “Rock Lobster” generated terrific buzz for a young band from Athens, Georgia.


Rush the Power Trio Is Now Rush the Book Trilogy

This third Rush book by Martin Popoff anthologizes insights from musicians, writers and superfans.

Cropped public domain photo of The Grateful Dead by Chris Stone via Flickr

The Day the Grateful Dead Shed Their “World’s Largest Cult Band” Status

Making its MTV debut 30 years ago today on Jun. 19, 1987, the Grateful Dead’s “Touch of Grey” video marked the precise moment at which the Grateful Dead shed their “world’s largest cult band” moniker and belatedly joined the American mainstream.

father of rock and roll

Hey Rock ‘n’ Roll, Who’s Your Daddy?

Convincing cases can be made for Chuck Berry, Ike Turner, and Elvis Presley.