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beatles albums readers choice

Your Top 5 Beatles Albums

After we shared some expert opinions on what Beatles album is the best, you weighed in with your own thoughts on the matter.

twin tone records

Twin/Tone Records Returns with a New Release from Suicide Commandos

As co-founder of the Twin/Tone label, Peter Jesperson helped put Minneapolis on the music map. Now he’s back with one of his seminal acts.

fifth beatle

In Search of The Real Fifth Beatle

George Martin or Brian Epstein? Billy Preston or Pete Best? Who would you pick?

albums for 4/20

10 Albums for 4/20 Besides “Dark Side of the Moon”

The Stones, The Doors, and Steely Dan each have at least one album fit for this unofficial holiday.

1980s albums readers choice

Top 10 Albums that Defined Being a Teen in the ‘80s (Readers’ Choice)

CultureSonar’s Gen X readers favor Michael Jackson, Tears for Fears, and The Beastie Boys.