Author: Stephanie Brandhuber

Stephanie Brandhuber is a freelance film, arts, and culture writer based in London. Deciding to ignore childhood warnings that too much movie-watching would give her square eyes, she went on to gain a Master’s Degree in Film Studies from King’s College London and loves discussing the artistic merits of George Kuchar films with anyone who'll listen. Other achievements include performing tight-rope in a French circus, successfully cooking a soufflé, and being able to do a moderately good Scottish accent.

Soundtracks That Rock: “Trainspotting”

Brian Eno, Pulp, and Underworld are a few of the musical artists behind the vibe of Danny Boyle’s heroin-and-hustle film set in working-class Scotland. Oh, and Ewan McGregor helped some, too!

Big Lebowski

Soundtracks That Rock: “The Big Lebowski”

From Kenny Rogers to Captain Beefheart, the songs create the mood in this Coen Brothers masterpiece. Credit musical archivist T Bone Burnett who had a gift for getting into the head of the characters. Like the Dude, this soundtrack “abides.”