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earth day

Dirty, Slimy, and Eruptive: Earth Porn for Earth Day

What makes this video so much fun is its conscious adoption of porn credits and its Blaxploitation “What you doin’ later” soundtrack…

Josh Groban on Broadway

“The Great Comet” Shows a New Side of Josh Groban

Inspired by “War and Peace,” this musical gets some magic from a major pop star — who himself is transformed by the role.

Adidas Sneakers (Public Domain image)

Adidas Originals: Trippy, Hippy and Happy

Provocative is one word to describe this Adidas Originals ad featuring Snoop Dogg, Botticelli’s Venus, street culture, and fashion.

Vintage Radio (Public Domain)

Goodbye to “Hello Again”

Herb Oscar Anderson, the king of weekday mornings on 77WABC radio in New York, has passed away at age 88.

mercedes super bowl commercial

Born to Be Wild – Again

This Super Bowl commercial directed by the Coen brothers pits bikers versus a Mercedes driver, set to Steppenwolf’s hit “Born to Be Wild.”