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wes anderson christmas ad

Wes Anderson’s Wild Christmas Ride

Best known for films as bizarre as they are award-grabbing, Wes Anderson works his magic this year in a new ad for the Swedish fashion brand H&M. This imaginative short film, “Come Together,” unspools the story of train passengers traveling for Christmas. Snowy weather and

field trip to mars

A School Bus, Virtual Reality, and an Out-of-This-World Journey

The global advertising community gathers annually in Cannes for a festival of advertising creativity – and occasional Dionysian revelry. With hundreds of thousands of entries, winning a gold medal is the toughest of any competition anywhere. But the winners are inevitably ground-breaking and inspiring. Inspiration

shaq lyft ad

Who’s Your Lyft Driver? Surprise! It’s Shaq

One of the most watched ads on YouTube earlier this year featured the irrepressible Shaquille O’Neal disguised as a pranking Lyft driver in Atlanta. Barely concealing his massive 7-foot frame are various preposterously comic getups – ZZ-Top beards, rasta dreads and fanciful eyewear. Shaq the

Imagine Social Media – 18th Century Style

Sharing pictures via social media – although really only around for five years – has become such second nature that it’s now commonplace. But in a quirky new spot, Swedish home furnishings giant Ikea has humorously imagined the 18th century counterpart to Instagram and Snapchat

Superhumans Wanted

Blind soccer players. Amputee high jumpers. Wheelchair daredevils. Armless drummers. And so much more. Britain’s Channel 4 TV network celebrates – and this is a word too seldom associated with the topic – the incredible physical and cultural accomplishments of people with physical disabilities in