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great comet

“The Great Comet” Shows a New Side of Josh Groban

Inspired by “War and Peace,” this musical gets some magic from a major pop star — who himself is transformed by the role.


Adidas Originals: Trippy, Hippy and Happy

Possibly the strangest, most entertaining and most discussable ad of 2017 so far is a spot for Adidas Originals, “Original Is Never Finished.” Set to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” — in itself not an original idea — this nearly psychedelic spot reinterprets the tune in a hyper-contemporary

herb oscar anderson

Goodbye to “Hello Again”

Before today’s profusion of media, most of us woke up each morning to a favorite local radio station. Before they were “on-air personalities,” morning DJs introduced us groggy teens to each new day with our favorite music and just enough information to help us navigate

mercedes super bowl commercial

Born to Be Wild – Again

Is there a tune that gets the heart beating faster than Steppenwolf‘s iconic “Born to Be Wild?” To promote its high-powered new AMG model, Mercedes-Benz amps up the tune and leans furiously into its biker imagery. Directed by the Coen brothers, this spot takes an

go pro ad

Creativity Falls From the Sky

“ Why be earthbound when GoPro can launch you into the heavens? A captivating recent spot from the digital camera phenomenon launches its Hero 5 camera by pairing it with the new GoPro Karma drone for shots of outdoor lifestyles all around the world ranging