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The Multiplatform Sincerity of Indie Pop’s Dan Croll

His deeply-insightful lyrics and unique musical influences got him in front of Paul McCartney!

fleet foxes

With “Crack-Up,” Fleet Foxes Venture Into New Sonic Landscapes

After a six-year hiatus, this indie band is back and pushing its boundaries beyond baroque folk.

shawn colvin

Shawn Colvin Comes “Home”

I recently pulled out one of my favorite (old) CDs — Shawn Colvin’s Steady On (1989). I don’t recall how I first discovered her, but once I did, it was love. I listened to that album — and later, Fat City (1992), Cover Girl (’94) and

chefs with issues website

Chefs With Issues and One Writer Who Cares

Kat Kinsman‘s middle name might be “Compassion.” When she isn’t arguing about pie versus cake at the Southern Foodways Alliance Symposium or getting nominated for a James Beard Award for Best TV Segment, Extra Crispy‘s thoughtful Senior Editor has been creating a safe space for

“You’re the Worst” – It’s the Best

In 1983, almost half the entire population of the United States watched the finale of M*A*S*H, which was by then arguably a shadow of its former self. Last week, a little more than one in a thousand US citizens watched the third season premiere of