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rock lobster

Not Quite Top 40 But Quite Important: The B-52s’ “Rock Lobster”

It may have peaked at number 56 on the charts, but “Rock Lobster” generated terrific buzz for a young band from Athens, Georgia.

purple rain

“Purple Rain”…With A Twang

As the one-year anniversary of Prince’s passing approaches, this reflavored classic is a lovely way to remember the Purple One.

bill murray and paul shaffer

A “Happy” Reunion for Bill Murray and Paul Shaffer

Two SNL alums circa 1979 are back together for a new animated music video (packed with Easter eggs).

How Jimi Hendrix (May Have) Influenced The Beatles’ “A Day In The Life”

After receiving a ton of feedback regarding his video on Hendrix’s potential influence on “A Day in the Life,” Scott Freiman posted a follow-up video to address frequent questions/comments.

The Surprising Chord That Helped Make “Penny Lane” a Masterpiece

In February of 1967, The Beatles released a groundbreaking double A-side single. On one side was a Lennon song, “Strawberry Fields Forever,” that had been transformed in the studio thanks to the contributions of the other Beatles along with producer George Martin and engineer Geoff