Adventure Travel: 5 Of The Edgiest Hotels In the World

adventure travel

For most people, hotels are supposed to be a place to relax after a long day of venturing out in a new city. But for the risk-takers out there for whom the adventure cannot stop, there are a few places around the world with a different approach, where the hotel itself is part of the city’s thrilling experience. Check out these adventure travel lodgings.

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Kokopelli’s Cave/New Mexico

Located in New Mexico, this hotel located inside a cave has kept its original structure to assure an authentic stay. Unlike a camping experience, in which you wouldn’t have amenities nor a truly relaxing night of sleep, in Kokopelli’s rooms, you can experience a night (or more) inside a cave while enjoying all of the comforts of a hotel. There’s a cushy bed, electricity, a fully functioning bathroom, and more. And the best part is, you won’t wake up to animal life by your side in the middle of the night!


Grand Park Kodhipparu/Maldives

Most people enjoy the sound of waves crashing in the background when they’re trying to fall asleep. This resort-hotel has taken this experience to the next level by putting a net above the ocean on their room’s private deck; guests can literally sleep above the ocean and under the stars. Rooms are also equipped with proper beds so guests have the best of both experiences.

Jules Undersea Lodge/Florida

The Jules is the only underwater hotel in the US, and it has a very different approach than most hotels around the globe. The historic construction (currently home to the hotel) used to be an underwater research facility. Now, as a hotel, the staff still makes sure to take all the necessary cautions in order to not damage the fragile marine ecosystem. The big difference with this undersea lodge is that guests must scuba dive to get to their rooms, borrowing the hotel’s equipment. Guests are also encouraged to scuba dive around the rooms’ facilities to explore marine life in all its glory.


Sala Silvermine/Sweden

The hotel, located inside a mine, was a big part of Swedish history, having been excavated for silver during many centuries. Nowadays, the underground location is home to a luxury suite, known for being the deepest in the world, and an impressive venue that can be rented for events.

During their stay, guests are given a complimentary guided tour of the place. Once in their room, guests are handed an Intercom to get in touch with the front desk, as the hotel entrance and all employees stay at ground-level, meaning guests are left to explore the facilities and the many tracks all by themselves.

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Also known as the “House in the Air,” the hostel structure hangs on the side of a mountain in Abejorral, Colombia. To get to it, guests must climb their way up. As the perfect stay for adrenaline junkies, the adventure doesn’t end when guests arrive at the hostel, as there are plenty of experiences to keep guests entertained, such as rappelling, hiking, zip-lining in hammocks, and more.

-Victoria Oliveira

Photo: The Jules Undersea Lodge


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