Youthful or Trying Too Hard? “Am I Too Old to…” Is Back!

Eventually, we all wonder “Am I too old to…?” Now fill in the blank. This thought can take a variety of different forms, but clothing choices tend to be one of the earliest iterations to prompt that pesky question. Fortunately, we have a lovely guide to help lead us through this particular wilderness. In the latest episode of our new web series “Am I Too Old to…,” actress Maddie Corman raids her son’s closet for a change and asks, “To beanie or not to beanie?” We’d also like to point out a larger issue in this seemingly lightweight subject: All the folks Maddie interviews, whether they agree with her or not, treat her respectfully and kindly. In these fractious times, it’s good to remember that — face to face at least — we are generally very good to each other. And we’re never, ever too old for that.

Editor’s Note: Click here to watch every episode of Am I Too Old to.. with Maddie Corman.

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4 comments on “Youthful or Trying Too Hard? “Am I Too Old to…” Is Back!

  1. The music video at the end is for the ages.

  2. Julie Halston

    I love Maddie Corman – she is adorable

  3. I love the wit and honesty – more please!!!

  4. Glynnis O'Connor

    I love the hilarious, honest talk! These are so genuine. And I thought the beanie looked adorable!
    Maddie Corman has great style. She is completely authentic. Would love to see more!

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