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Beatles kid books

You’re Never Too Young for the Beatles

A Beatles picture book? You’ve got “A, B, See the Beatles!” Fab Four reading for pre-teens? You’ve got “Mom, Dad, Who Are The Beatles.” Let the indoctrination process begin!

rock novels

Novel Rock n’ Roll Fantasies

Before they were movies, “The Commitments” and “High Fidelity” were great books. But these are not the only novels documenting the ups and crazy downs of the rock ‘n roll lifestyle. Just ask serious writer Salman Rushdie.

Beatles Revolution

“Revolution”: The Beatles Speak Out

Did you know the release of the Beatles’ “Revolution” coincided with the Democratic National Convention in Chicago? In this excerpt from her book “Beatleness,” sociologist Candy Leonard delves into how critics and fans alike responded to this Fab Four song.

Eric Morse What Is Punk

A Punk Rock Historian for All Ages

“What Is Punk?” author Eric Morse knows: It can only help every youngster’s cool factor later in life if they know who the New York Dolls are.