“Abbey Road” and the Side Two Medley

beatles abbey road

We’ve got some cool stuff up on our YouTube channel, which we hope you’ll check out.

CultureSonar is lucky to be affiliated with two of the world’s foremost Beatle experts, Ken Womack and Scott Freiman. In case you missed it, here they are discussing the epic Side 2 of Abbey Road.

-The CS Team


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3 comments on ““Abbey Road” and the Side Two Medley

  1. What gift, having you two telling us these wonderful Beatles stories.
    I own all of Deconstructing The Beatles DVD’s.
    I also subscribe to as many live streams as I can.
    Please, continue these superb conversations.
    Maybe one day you’ll find the original, slow version of Please Please Me!

  2. Charles Caracciolo

    This is AMAZING!! So knowledgeable about our Fab Four, love it! Thanks so much for this…

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